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el rio

‘El Río’ is, as any other debut EP, an exploration of musical influences and production / composition techniques. In this case the EP from ‘Ma Wal’ (the musical project of Mateo Walschburger, a music producer, architect and artist from Bogotá, Colombia) explores through five songs the ever-changing idea of what latin american electronic music can be nowadays. By mixing elements from some of the electronic genres that shaped the local scene such as Drum n’ Bass, Techno, House and Downtempo with live instruments, and samples from traditional latin american music, Ma Wal creates an eclectic EP that aims to show new possibilities within the electronic music of this part of the world.


Barda's last EP seems to come out after a long time of alchemical experimentation in the monastery of electronic music, in pursuit of a superior objective: to transmute the sounds of nature to the universe of beats (and bits). It is not a new enterprise, although a combination of materials. The result is surprising: Barda is creating an emotional organic, close to life through and through artificial impulses. The melodic empathy and the precise movement of the knobs make us transit the miniature paths of beings who observe human mystery with indifference as if music came to remind us that nature is overwhelming, immense, and unique at the same time: This album is a tribute to enchantment.

Um Resto - Capa 2 menor 72 dpi.png
marcio teixeira de mello
um reSto

In that elusive realm of music blur, I'm immersed. Uncertain if what unfolded was something far greater, I persisted, convicted that within those waves lay more profound truths. Each sound, vivid pictures of minuscule moments. In their collision and divergence, they birthed a cacophony that transcended the realm of utility, embracing the chaotic beauty of purpose-less-ness. I embraced the enigmatic belief that true art, in its rawest essence, finds its home in the unnecessary. The allure of the useless, inviting the exploration beyond the functionality, this album is a beautiful meaninglessness simple work of art.

jacques default
pequeNas cartogRafias

This album was originally created in 2018 as a set for Voodoohop's festival in Heliodora, Brazil. It was composed in february of the same year, in two weeks of really high temperatures around carnival. These thirteen tracks were composed in several small sessions during those two weeks when i've approached places that i've never been, scents i've never known, and things i have never seen. Sometimes i wonder if we really went to the Moon. Sometimes i wonder if knowing is necessary.

unsbeat - orbita cover 2.png
unsbeat compilation #2

To the listeners who in the rigidity of walls orbits by ludic dynamics and dance through the spirals of daily life: here we meet for the second time! We are configured as theatrical instruments in the parallel-density mystery and our touch is an illusion / horizon where you, sound navigator, remains indispensable in its imprecision. It is not known which circular tide brought you to the object set, but we invite you in the form of a button: clicking is entering the wheel. Welcome!

yudko - what it ain't FINAL ARTWORK 1.png
what it ain't

The second album and third release by unsbeat present another unknown pearl: Yudko. His aesthetics are presented with an intelligent rawness that intends to hit our essence not forgetting the humanity of our souls. He cooks his astrobeats with a type of deepness that ratifies the spontaneity in life (especially when we are crossing any market while listening to his music with small headphones). His music is something deep like a sub-conscious reminiscence: abstract and movingly nostalgic. He proves to the ones who listen to his albums from the top to the bottom that simplicity is not lack of knowledge, contrariwise: is the minimalism taken into another level.

unsbeat compilation #1

Qoppa is a mirror compilation that reflects how we create music nowadays. The tracklist represents and encompasses with great power of synthesis of many expressions. Making beats is fun but also allows music producers to express themselves, revive antiquities, illuminate what is hidden, see instruments in objects, create home studios, record on the road, and always propose new ways to hear and make music. In Qoppa we aim to set free the primitive pleasure of the process and the creative mind state throughout all the crazy technology we have been given access to in the recent decades.

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